Hotels Near Suisun Valley Wineries

Located just minutes from the hotel, Suisun Valley offers a unique wine tasting adventure. With country roads and low traffic, you are sure to enjoy the country setting of a relaxed wine tasting experience. Friendly staff, which are knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the Valley and in the wines they serve, are a refreshing change to the faster paced wine tasting experience that most people are familiar with.

The majority of wineries in Suisun Valley are family or locally owned. It’s not out of the question, that when you visit, you might meet a proprietor or winemaker. It’s this kind of one on one interaction that makes a visit to Suisun Valley enjoyable and memorable.

There are currently five locations for wine tasting in Suisun Valley: Ledgewood Creek Winery, Vezer Family Vineyard Tasting Room, Wooden Valley Winery, Blue Victorian Vineyards, and the Suisun Valley Wine Cooperative. Tasting at most tasting rooms is complimentary, and if there is a fee charged, it’s generally applied to a purchase.